All moved in.

October 20, 2009


Now it’s time to unpack, organize, and make nice.

I’m really glad we went with Gentle Giant movers for this one. They were professional, courteous, and expedient. Highly recommended.

Columbus Day weekend

October 14, 2009
Nicole at work

Nicole at work

Nicole and I just had our last weekend of working on the house before the big move-in. Even though it was just the two of us for the labor this time around, we actually got a lot done.

Nicole single-handedly prepared the baby’s bedroom. She painted the walls and ceiling a cool bluish white from Valspar. She also laid down FLOR carpet tiles. The FLOR was very easy to install, and serendipitously, the tiles fit the room exactly. There was no trimming save for near the door. Overall it looks awesome.


Making progress.

September 28, 2009
trafficmaster Allure looks pretty good so far

Trafficmaster Allure looks good, but will it hold up?

We had quite the busy weekend. Here’s a recap of our progress.

1. Installed a new floating floor in the baby’s playroom. We decided to go with Trafficmaster Allure after reading the great reviews of the product on Apartment Therapy. It’s vinyl, not laminate. We have real oak floors upstairs, and the Trafficmaster definitely feels artificial. That said, it was pretty easy to cut to size (with scissors!), especially for the nooks and corners. After a slow start, we got the hang of it and finished the room in about 6 hours. I have a feeling that the next room will be even easier.

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Plycraft lounge

September 22, 2009

I just won this Plycraft Eames-style lounge and ottoman from Nest Egg Auctions in Meriden, CT. I spotted it a month ago, when I was snooping around the auctioneer’s back room. And finally, on Saturday, the chair went on the block. My brother-in-law placed a remote bid for me, and I won it for $150! It’s a little beaten up, but nothing a little TLC couldn’t fix. Won’t know how much work until I get it though, since it’ll be a while until I’m in Connecticut again.

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The original fusebox

September 16, 2009
Final Wiring Approved 3/31/55

Final Wiring Approved 3/31/55

The original fusebox is now secondary to the larger, more modern one in the other room. It looks like it still has functioning fuses in it though. Nice to see the sticker. Kind of gives the house a “born on” date.

Two rooms down

September 14, 2009

On Saturday, with the help of Nicole’s sister and mom, we were able to paint two of the rooms downstairs. In the room that will be the baby’s play room, there was a wildflower-themed mural on the wall. There were also several imprints of framed and previously hung objects. Not anymore. Now it’s all a blank canvas in a warm shade of white.

We also pulled up all the old stinky carpeting downstairs. What’s left is original, albeit filthy, vinyl composition tile. Thankfully they’re all intact. We don’t plan to remove them so as not to crack the tile and disturb the mastic, which would release asbestos into the air. A floating floor is in our immediate future.

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And we’re off.

September 10, 2009


There are seriously way too many options for painting a wall “white”. Anyway, after much deliberation, we decided on “Design Studio White” by Ralph Lauren Paint for the rooms downstairs. It’s neutral, with just the slightest hint of warmth.


September 09, 2009
Hello new neighbors!

Hello new neighbors!

Closing day! The day started with a quick stop at the bank for a cashier’s check, then a pre-sale house walkthrough. All checked out, and we were ready to sign papers. The escrow company took us through the documents, and we were done in half an hour. Only our realtor and the escrow lawyer were present, as the sellers didn’t have a representative there. All in all, everything went without a hitch. We got the key to our new house!

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Modern Capital

September 06, 2009

Our realtor, Michael Shapiro of the DC-centric residential modernist blog Modern Capital, has a great mention on the Dwell website this month. He is listed as one of the few realtors/real estate sites in the country specializing in mid-century modern homes.

We started reading Modern Capital while still in San Francisco. Nicole contacted Michael for advice, and we learned that not only does he blog about the modernist residences in DC, he’s also a realtor who specializes in MCM properties. It made sense that he’d be the first person to call when starting our house shopping here. We couldn’t have made a better choice. He really gets it. So far, he’s provided good advice and demonstrated amazing follow-through as both a realtor and an expert on DC modernism. A month and a half later, we’re just days from closing on a really great house. Thanks Michael!

Visit Modern Capital.

Check out the Dwell’s listing of modern real estate websites.


September 01, 2009
Photo excerpt from the book on Wheaton

Photo excerpt from the book on Wheaton.

I’ve learned quite a bit about the house since first making an offer. The neighborhood was developed in the Fifties by a company called Standard Properties. Our development in Rock Creek Palisades is next to the more famous Rock Creek Woods by architect Charles Goodman, and so the Standard houses are held in comparison a bit. Our blue raised rambler has had one owner since being built in 1955, and thus has retained a lot of the original character of the period.

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